Crazy Motorbike With 450HP Aston Martin V12 Engine!

Imagine you have a spare Aston Martin  V12 engine? What would you do with it? We can imagine a couple of things. Like a big new coffee table, an immense El Camino engine swap etc. But not with this guy. This is the result when a guy who loves Aston Martin also possess the know-how of building bikes! And what a bike he builds. A do it yourself project by this enthusiast produced this Aston Martin V12. This bike was presented at the Essen Motor Show. It was made available to the right buyer at the price of $130.000. The gas tank has an air bush Homer Simpson portrait. This enthusiast builder who used a spare V12 Aston Martin in order to build this bike, describes the bike as heavy, fast and brutish.

Aston Martin V12 bike engine 22

An automobile engine implemented in a motorbike. How does that sound? It sounds kind of weird in the first place. However, on the second thought it doesn`t seem like that anymore. Are you ready to test your sound device one more time? We know you always are! Now, it definitely doesn`t sound weird at all! This motorbike is unique right because of the Aston Martin engine. As far as we know, the automaker doesn`t sell engines separately. We also assume that building this motorcycle has been a major challenge although it looks kind of bulky and hard to operate with. But what the heck, it was made because this enthusiast bike builder wanted to. And you just got to appreciate his Aston Martin V12 creation because of the great enthusiasm.

We got to say, this Aston Martin V12 doesn`t really sound like a real Aston Martin. But this is because of a different exhaust. It sounds like a Beatles song covered by the German band Rammstein!

So, check out this hand made motorbike with an Aston Martin V12 450HP engine and a top speed of 400 Km/h!
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