Big Mack Attack Experiences A Rough Diesel Engine Ride!

We have all seen numerous videos where big vehicles like trucks, buses or tractors are managing real motor disappointments, especially when they attempt to draw that relentless sled down the track. In the accompanying footage of this article you will discover what happens when the rear U-Joint shatters and the back axle, which is usually mounted solid, come apart. The truck name is Big Mack Attack and this video was taped during the Mid Season Championship of OSTPA in Croton, Ohio. Like in the majority of our fail videos, at the start all things appear to run smoothly and then suddenly problems come without any cautioning.

In the footage underneath, the motor of the truck is the main suspect for the fatal failure that came after the unreal amount of motor power that is unacceptable for this vehicle. At first, you will think that the driver attempts to do a wheelie, but that is just a surprising jumping that was not predicted by anyone, even him. Luckily, the driver was ok after the pull, but the truck was left with no nose, because as you are about to see in the video, it will bounce up as a result of the pressure.

Anyway, here is a nice list of truck types!