UNIQUE 1964 CHEVROLET RC IMPALA With Hydraulic Suspension!

Only for the truest ones out there! If one of your life-long dreams was to cruise down the street in your `64 Chevrolet Impala, then your dream can finally come true. OK, not literally, but you have to admit that owning this 1964 Chevrolet RC Impala toy car would be the second best thing for you! It has a dashing punk color and can perform all sorts of tricks! On top of that, this beauty has hydraulic suspension, so you can go up and down with it as long as you please! You can even watch it in slow motion if you want to take a closer look at its magnificence!

This toy automobile will roll back the years and take you back to the old school, where things seemed more true and real! If that is not enough for you, you can play `Boyz in the Hood` by Eazy-E for full effect. This truly is a car with endless possibilities! So if you are fan of the old school stuff and the good old days, then this will be just the thing for you. It will be another reason to brag about with your friends! Cruising down the street with my 1964 Chevy RC Impala!

P.S. Follow this link to watch the Slash 4X4 RC car by Traxxas, doing an insane hydroplane jump on water!