Drag Racing Trucks! BEST DRAG MOMENT by The 11 JDH Peterbilt Owned by Michel Tremblay! Rolling Coal BABY!

Diesel Truck Lovers all over the world – unite! Some would say that drag racing is only for cars, monster trucks and lifter trucks maybe! However, we believe that the drag racing trucks are cool enough and deserve their place at the drag strip! To prove our point we have prepared this video! Here, many 18 wheelers Diesel engines show their power! Many pass the 1/4 mile faster than some cars do! Some even do it with cargo in their trailers! The drag racing trucks even do some coal rolling do give a little extra performance to the whole drag racing trucks thing! It is impressive how much amount of torque these trucks have as many of them twist the frame because of it! Many lift the front wheel which is another proof of great torque!

Check out the BEST DRAG MOMENT by The 11 JDH Peterbilt Owned by Michel Tremblay!

Despite the fact that in most of the situations in this video compilation the 11 JDH Peterbilt is competing with another truck, this truck attracts all of the attention! You will realize what are we talking about once you press that play button! Plus, there is no other truck (from the recordings) that can compete with the 11 JDH Peterbilt! AC/DC`s anthem “TNT” only adds adrenaline whilst watching this vehicle!

You will recognize it in this video among the others! That is the one that stands up and wins all the races!
However, there is one thing that really concerns us. Although this is one powerful truck, it even twists due to the massive amount of torque, it creates great deal of smoke. We think the cab rotates on launch because of the torque from the engine that is twisting the frame of the truck! Do you agree with us?

Finally, if you want to see some 18 wheelers hitting the drag strip, follow this link!