Awesome DRAG RACE: Bolt on Nissan GTR vs Mustang LSx Nitrous!

Check this Awesome DRAG RACE:  Bolt on Nissan GTR vs Mustang LSx Nitrous! Guess Who Will WIN! Both of these cars are nice, but only one won the drag race!

The footage below is definitely the one you have all been waiting for a long time! It is that DRAG RACE video, where everything is clearly written, the camera angles are great, and the cars in it – AMAZING! Right now we would like to see these couple of races that will answer to lot of your questions! We have very powerful engines participating here. What do you say about a race that has a NITROUS LSX MUSTANG competing against a NISSAN GTR?! Heck of a race, that`s right! Well, you will have the honor of watching several of them! All yours!!!

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Enjoy the video below!

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