Australian Border Police Detects Asbestos in Imported Classic Cars!

Environmentalists have been looking for more and more ways to help protect our planet and make it a healthier place to live. Even though there have been many concepts that have failed over the years, we simply need to support them hence the planet Earth is all we have. Hereby, you may already know the Australia has banned the use of asbestos completely and not even 1% is allowed to be found in any product, this why the classic cars business there might be off to a tough time. Do you wonder why? Australian Border Police detects asbestos in imported classic cars!

Australian Border Police Detects Asbestos in Imported Classic Cars 2

Well, many classic cars, cars that are difficult to find, have been imported to Australia on daily basis, but there is one major problem here; in some of the parts of these cars there is an amount of asbestos. Yes, the brake pads clutch linings and gaskets have asbestos in them and this is causing great headaches to the car dealers there. The Australian Border Police is checking hundreds and hundreds of classic cars that are imported.

Hereby, the dealer might be in the risk of getting a fine of couple of thousand dollars, but only that. Finding and replacing those parts that have asbestos in them is even worse, hence they might be extremely rare to find, especially without this element in them. What do you think, is this government measure going to affect the classic car business in Australia or it is going to do no harm to it?

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