I will not say anything new by stating that all of us love driving our rides fast and enjoy shifting the gearbox nice and smooth, no matter whether it is some well known, powerful and fast Detroit muscle, or some hot and fast as hell import, or if you are behind the wheel of fast and powerful truck. Today we have prepared a video clip with a guy who is driving around his truck that is packing an engine that is boosting 743 HP, with a 6-speed gearbox, demonstrating his quick shifting skills.

The entire video is filmed from the inside, from the cockpit point of view, so that we can really feel the action whilst he is rocking and rolling his powerful truck.

That truck is equipped with a Valair Triple Disk Clutch and NV 5600, so those of you who are familiar with it, will really have something to learn here, because the guy is really good. Obviously his main goal is to run the Quarter-Mile distance, and give a proper dose of smoke to everyone who is expecting to beat him. But if you ask me, despite the fact that he is doing it well, I do not expect to see him as a winner with that 6-speed quick shifting.

So check out the video and share your thoughts about it with us in the comment section below. And in case you want to repeat the basics about the proper driving with a stick shift, click here.