Are you ready to break some new limits? Do you want to see the fastest SUZUKI HAYABUSA BIKE TURBO?! This bike, however, is known to be the acclaimed winner of the “Fastest Motor Bike” award due to its possibility to go for a top speed of 188 to 194 mph! But, the engineers have tried to take things to a whole new level! The guys from Volleberg Motorsports made this BEAST go even faster! In the video below is a dyno test where this Turbo Suzuki Hayabusa bike reaches 263 MILES PER HOUR!!!

It is really impressive that the fastest bike in the World can now go even faster and still be considered street legal! Simply everything is AMAZING on this bike, starting from the 650 horsepower engine to the chain that can actually handle that much TORQUE! These guys are all professionals as you will see how they apply water every now and then to cool the radiator! If you put numbers on paper, you will come to a conclusion that this is way faster than some sports cars. Like Bugatti for example! Take a look at the video and enjoy the sound of this ROARING ENGINE!

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