Robbie Maddison Dirt Bike Rider Drop in the SKI JUMPING RAMP!

Is it a plane?! Is it a rocket?! Is that Superman?! No, that is just Robbie Maddison and there is no coincidence that this guy has the word mad in his name. What are you going to witness is one extremely insane video where Robbie Maddison dirt bike rider shows off his skills that break the rules of physics. Born in Australia, Robbie Maddison dirt bike rider is the world most famous motorbike stunt rider and one of the most paid stunt celebrities as he has earned over $2 million for just a 10 second stunt.

Robbie Maddison dirt bike Drop In 2

Luckily, we can enjoy more minutes in this video where his abilities are emerging on the surface and pushing the limits as he jumps from 374 ft distance. The speed of his launch is about 70 mph and the vertical drop is 185 ft /18 ½, a number that reserved this guy another page in the Guinness Book of World Records.

After watching this epic video, ski jumping will sound boring for you and you will keep asking yourself how did he managed to change the tires so fast. Finally we have to mention the perfect camera work on this video, as we can see Robbie flying from different angles and distance. Your job now is to press play and to get ready for jaw dropping.

Finally we got to say that we can`t even comprehend this! Robbie Maddison, you are a God! You are the master of all adrenaline junkies! Who would ever thought of hitting the ski jump in Utah Olympic Park! This kind of a stunt by Robbie Maddison Dirt Bike rider is just one in a long list of crazy feats. He is a true nutter! Robbie Maddison Dirt Bike rider is as daring as Knievel. And we wonder, just like Knievel does, how many injuries Robbie Maddison Dirt Bike endured during his lifetime.

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