AMAZING Compilation Of Powerful TRACTOR PULLING!

Being a Gearhead and being in love with big and powerful motors that are boosting a tremendous amount of horse and torque power, does not always mean that we only like and have to watch some of those incredible and gorgeous Detroit muscle monsters that look like they are about to rip off the tarmac track, or those European jaw-dropping hypercars which are leaving an impression that they have come out of some SF novel or a film. If you are mostly into power, then it means that you also love some of those unusual (and many times bizarre) looking monster creations from trucks, tractors and other things for which we do not have a proper name. It kind of means you love tractor pulling.

Well, if you find yourself in the latter group, then we have just the right video for you. It is a clip form the 2010 Indoor Tractor Pulling, in Gelredome stadium in Arnhem, Holland, in which you will see some truly powerful tractors, demonstrating their utter pulling abilities. Amongst the competitors, there are also some women, and they also did pretty well. But the real thing is those custom made tractors (most of them) that look like they can go to the pits of hell and back.

Just watch the video and later on, sound off your thoughts about it in our comment section below. And if you want to see another video with a powerful tractor in action, check out this link.