AMAZING Bike STUNT JUMP By Benjamin Baldini!

We have been witnesses of some really breath-taking stunts over the years and we are proud that the Auto-Moto World is so various and amazing! People are awesome, and so are Gearheads, especially Benjamin Baldini!

However, as we watched this video we could not but remind ourselves of some other performers such as Sarah Lezito, Martin Kratky (Shorty) the Stunt Freaks Team and many others that have impressed us with their stunts and talents! This time, we have another great young talent – BENJAMIN BALDINI who is about to make you overly impressed by his amazingness!

Although all stunts seem the same, this one is different in so many ways! Benjamin Baldini, here, is not trying to impress us with the usual – drifting, tire shredding and so! He did something no one else thought about till now!

He manages to do a back wheelie, and as he does it – he steps on the ground – pushes himself off the ground and swooshes into the air as he makes a HANDSTAND and a WHEELIE at the same time! And to spice it all up, he lands on the seat with his own FEET! Check it out!

To see more about the art of riding by Benjamin Baldini, follow this link!