Gorgeous 69 Chevy Chevelle With Some Parking Lot Burnouts!

I`m sure that there is quite enough amongst you, whose favorite car is exactly the 69 Chevy Chevelle, one of the most beautiful models from the entire Chevy lineup from the late 60s. And the ones who are familiar, and are also following the history of this brand, are aware that the previous model from `68 was completely redesigned, and the following one from 1969 received only a few small changes that (maybe) were a cause for certain confusion amongst its followers and fans.

There was the Super Sport package (SS) which became the Z25 option, with the “SS 396” emblem trimmed on the grill, and of course, there was the COPO model (Central Office Production Order), which was a limited edition production, and a favorite monster for all of the drag race fanatics.

This gorgeous model of a 69 Chevy Chevelle that you are going to see in the video below, looks very much like the COPO variant. I`m saying “looks like”, because there is absolutely no info about it by the author of the video, so we have to rely on our own knowledge and perception. However, the point is that you will see one really awesome and perfectly restored `69 Chevelle model, chilling out on the parking lot, and afterwards doing little burnouts. Check it out.

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