OMG! 1,200HP Bugatti Veyron Super Sport “Pur Blanc” Hits 246.4 MPH!

Just a few days ago we have had a Nissan Skyline making an incredible achievement of 237.1 miles per hour and it seems like that was the challenge that this state of the art machine, a Bugatti Veryon Super Sport Pur Blanc was all that it needed! With a speed of 246.4 miles per hour, this 1 200 HP Bugatti set the new course record and as you will see, the surrounding area is pretty much familiar, the same place where Nissan GTR did his own thing -- Sun Valley Road Rally!

And as you can probably presume, a car that can do something like this on an open road can not be found at your every day car dealer. This supercar has been commissioned for Ben Chen and it is a Bugatti Veyron`s limited edition variant and by setting this record, it has become the fastest production car ever to come out of the assembly line.

Under the hood of this Bugatti Veyron Super Sport, there is a 8.0 liter W 16 engine with four turbochargers, that generates those astonishing 1 200 HP, which is about 200 HP more than the regular Bugatti Veyron. You can probably guess that this pleasure does not come cheap either. The value for this monster is set at incredible $ 2.8 million.

Some would say that it is a bit over the top, but just watch its incredible performance:

Enjoy the video below!

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