Are you a type of person who likes his/her favorite muscle car, or your loving import, with an automatic or a manual transmission? I`m sure that most of you know well the saying that a real driver uses a manual trans and shifter, to prove his great driving skills, right? Well, that does not necessarily have to be true, just as you do not have to agree with it. But in a case you are not that comfortable with the automatic things, I would say that it`ll be much better if you start getting used to it, `cause the world of tomorrow will be strongly ruled by it, judging from its powerful presence in these days already… Today we are going to introduce to you a welding automation machine known as FSW (Friction stir welding), that is operating under its own power, producing perfect weld, without making no emissions during the process.

It is a cutting-edge robotic technology that has started its life in the early 90`s, developed by The Welding Institute in Great Britain, and it is considered to be the future of the welding process. So, today we are going to make a short break from watching our loving Detroit muscles in action, and we are going to join in with these machines as they are doing their work, and see how they create a perfectly common melting point, in a way that seems so easy, while they also conjoin two separate components of material together!

So, have a look at the following welding automation clip and see what I`m talking about! And in a case you want to find out more about friction stir welding, click here.