If I say that what we have here, in the following video that you are going to see in just a few moments, is one of those cars (no matter whether we are talking about an American muscle monster or an import beast) that makes you start feeling your knees trembling, and find yourself staring at it with your mouth open, from the very first moment you lay your eyes on it, I believe that you`ll know well what I`m talking about. Well, if you do, know that the Nissan GTR Wide Body that you are going to see in this clip, is a pure definition of an utterly appealing and powerful and fast sports car.

I would also add that for those of you who are following the aftermarket scene, it will be quite clear from the start when I`ll say that the reason why this Nissan GTR Wide Body R35 is that awesome and jaw-dropping, is because it is a product of the Liberty Walk body kit, and it has been done by the well known house, the LB Performance.

So, what we are looking at now is a Liberty Walk WideBody model of the Nissan GTR, done by the LB Performance. The guys from LB Performance had tuned the motor and now it is boosting fearsome 700 HP, and they have also equipped it with a completely customized Innotech Performance Exhaust system (IPE). All of it, done by their Belgium GTR branch store.

Now have a look at the video clip and get a visual mode of everything (and much more) what I have been saying here! And if you want to feast your eyes with more LB Performance products, go to this link.