A 747 Airplane Landing @ St. Maarten AIRPORT Is Just TOO LOW!

How would you feel if an enormous airplane was to fly right above the top of your head? Imagine waiting for your flight at the terminal and an aircraft just passes by couple of feet above you! It sounds crazy but you would feel totally comfortable with it if you were a regular visitor to the Island of Saint Maarten and its airport! This video will show you a 747 airplane landing!

This is not the first time that we present to you this outrageous airport in this constituent country of the Kingdom of Netherlands! You have already been a witness to some pretty scary landings!!! When you think about it, maybe we shouldn`t call them dangerous… Exciting is the right word for it since the airport is perfectly safe and there are no accidents registered!

However, the video we are about to show you, perfectly shows the Boeing 747 airplane landing! We are not ashamed to say that the video made us flinch for a moment even though we are in front of our computers! Just imagine being at the scene! There`s nothing more to discuss, prepare your boarding tickets, the flight seems to be on time!