8-Second CRAZY Pick Up With a Mid-Engine 76mm Twin-Turbo Big Block Chevy Motor!

The drag track is one of our favorite places in the world. It is a place where all kinds of different, strange, super powerful vehicles can be found! Vehicles in different forms made by different types of mad scientist mechanics! The drag track is a true gearhead gateway! And what we have here definitely comes in the “different” and “super-powerful” category! This video you are about to watch is by the YouTube channel “1320video”. And like always, 1320video never disappoints! They always come out with the best of the dragstrip world! This time they present to us a gigantic pick up with a monstrous big block Chevy motor!

The pickup in question is one hell of a modified Chevrolet S10! And because of the way this video is made, it doesn`t lack in elaboration at all. The first shots are of its monstrous big block Chevy motor and we can see the whole engine in great details! Up next the owner and builder of this unusual contraption is being interviewed. The first question is what made him build a truck like this? He says that originally it was his dad`s idea. And that very idea has been completed perfectly! A monstrous engine at the back! The better part of the truck is modified into a hood so it can fit this monstrous big block Chevy motor! This here folks is a 570 ci engine with twin 76mm turbos! Yeah! A pair of twins in the bed which makes this big block Chevy motor BAD to the BONE!

However, while the interview was going on, the owner was still figuring out some bugs. But clearly he made those bugs disappear! After the interview he managed to complete his first run in the 10`s on his first ever ¼ mile! When he did another run he managed to get into the 8`s! Everything is said and done by this extraordinary Pick Up truck with its monstrous big block Chevy motor!

8-Second CRAZY Pick Up With a Mid-Engine 76mm Twin-Turbo Big Block Chevy Motor!

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Enjoy the video below!

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