Very Powerful 500 HP 1977 Chevrolet Nova Supercharged!

Cars that had only one owner have a supreme level of men`s dedication, a little family and marriage messing, rusting and dusting, accidents,  getting older, so the lists go.  It`s not a common thing to find a vintage cars that got`s on its body carved the name of its very first owner. This 1977 Chevrolet Nova has been with its proud owner Gary Caton since forever. At the age of  17 he cashed out 5,200 $ In Kentucky, more precisely at Chevrolet Mason-Walker and took its baby away.

He has always wanted such a car. And at the age of 17 he arranged the purchase of a car with an 8-track/FM-AM radio, a 305 ci engine, bright metallic blue shade, and Rally wheels.


The seventies were not exactly the prime tome of American cars, but one could still purchase pretty amusing cars at the local emporium Bow Tie. Back in 1977, the Monza came with a V-8, which meant that you got yourself a cool start for a classic beast. The Corvette was there, but it was way out of the league of a seventeen years old fellow boy. At the middle of the year the Z28 returned along with the suspension mods. However, Nova got Caton`s full attention.

Here are some of the most important specifications of this baby:

Massive Nittoes, eighteen-inch wheels and enhanced suspension

ProCharger blower and the LS3 engine boosting a little above five hundred horses at the wheels

Body hugging seats and a fully custom-made interior.

This 1977 Chevrolet Nova has moderate light-blue metallic paint and stripes of silver shade, with all the features of an old school beast, which is why it received so much attention back at St. Louis super Chevy show at the Park Gateway Motorsports in 2012. It had the right attitude, all the work done was amazing, and sincerely, the interior mesmerized us. Whats common about the x bodies is that their interiors are disgusting and scary, despite the stunning look of the exterior. The Corbeau GTSII seats  at the front are wrapped in graphite suede and grey  shade. A fully custom console as well as matching door panels were done by Ace Custom upholstery.

The tires are Nitto 555 Extreme radials size 295/45ZR18 and 235/40ZR18. The wheels are Budnik Fontana, size 18×8  at the front and 18×10 at the rear end.

Finally, check out how this Chevy Nova performed against a Camaro on a night street race!