ZR48 CORVETTE BOAT Powered By Mercury Racing Twin Turbo Marine Engines Delivering 2.700 Horsepower Gets Away From The Coast Guard!

After a thorough research for the best Muscle Cars videos, we have come up with something that left us speechless and we couldn`t wait to share it with you. It is a word about an amazing video featuring the long-talked 2,700HP ZR48 CORVETTE BOAT in action! All media headlines were filled up with this Darth Vader`s palace on water when it came out for the first time, but now, we  finally have a decent video where we can see this Dark King in an attention-grabbing action.

Anyways, this video is recorded in the right moment! Namely, the guy recording, turned on his camera right when this ZR48 Corvette boat was trying to get away from the coast guard. And it did it with no difficulties at all. After that, this boat is recorded speeding way off shore at a velocity of something between 85 and 100 miles per hour. Because getting away from the coast guard was not enough, this boat came back closer to the shore. But eventually, it will have to be loaded on a trailer at a certain point.

This astonishing MTI built ZR1 Corvette themed Speedboat is powered by two Mercury Racing Twin Turbo Marine Engines and it is fully carbon-fibered! Thanks to the engines and the lightness, it can develop 2700 horses on water, which is, without a doubt a massive power for a boat. Nevertheless, not only the exterior and machine look stunning, this ZR48 Corvette boat has an impressive interior as well. It includes 8.000W stereo system, 24.000 BTU AC system, Apple TV and private Wi-Fi connection. If you ever thought of buying this marvelous ZR48 beauty, then be prepared to spend $1.7 MILLION! Besides the boat, this price also includes the trailer as well! That would be all from us!

Oh and one more thing, for more info visit  OffShoreOnly.com


9 thoughts on “ZR48 CORVETTE BOAT Powered By Mercury Racing Twin Turbo Marine Engines Delivering 2.700 Horsepower Gets Away From The Coast Guard!

  1. Ehh yea, I got this here Prius boat and I’ll wager 100$ that your corvette motors can’t keep up with it 🙂

    1. Doug Thomsen

      I know you’re joking! Never be jealous of someone’s success! Someday, when you’re a successful businessman it may be something that you sweated over that will be mocked at by another jealous person! Then and only then, will you understand how undernourished your brain is now!

  2. Charles

    he would leave you like you were sittin still bro

  3. Jake Gibson

    He could took a better video.

  4. mike mccauley

    the one talking in the video sounds like a real sharp fella doesnt he?you can listen and tell he isnt playing with a full deck.that boat is fast but it isnt running 200mph in the video.

  5. his camera is common, as to the patrol boat, they can ticket him everyday, they know whom this is…

    1. Mike Ballard

      I got seasick just trying to watch it

    2. Amber

      omg!! you gif is sick!!!!

    3. si klaro jajajajaja

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