5 Major Keys to Success From the World of Hyundai!

These major keys to success will surely help you and they are presented by Hyundai. Wait no more and check them out!
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1. New Report Reveals Significant Economic and Social Benefits of Hyundai Motor Group in Europe!

A new report , published on Feb 28 by a leading European economic consultancy London Economics, has independently confirmed the substantial contribution of Hyundai Motor Group to the European economy. The report, entitled  `The benefits deriving from the presence of Hyundai and Kia in Europe` found  that up to 268,000 people owe their jobs to the European presence of the two brands. The report also highlighted that Hyundai Motor Group` entire value chain can be found within Europe. Allan Rushforth , Senior Vice President of Hyundai Motor Europe, commented: “This report confirms that Hyundai Motor Group`s commitment to Europe –its people, its economy-is stronger than ever”.

2. Hyundai Motor to Open Technical High Schools for Sustainable Aid!

Hyundai Motor held an opening ceremony of the `Hyundai- KOICA (Korea International Cooperation Agency) Dream Center`, a technical high school established as part of Hyundai`s Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) efforts in Koforidua City, Ghana on Jan.30. Korean Ambassador to Ghana H.E. Jae-min Kyun and head of Hyundai Motor`s African regional headquarters Sang Min Park  attended the ceremony at the official opening of the first Hyubdai- KOICA Dream Center. The opening of the Center in Ghana marks the start of Hyundai`s program for establishing schools in African and Asian countries . In addition to providing financial support, Hyundai utilizes its resources and expertise in the automotive industry to help unprivileged students by developing an education program adapted from a program for Hyundai mechanics.

3. Hyundai Motor Collaborates with Top Designer Karim Rashid!

Hyundai Motor Company announced plans on Feb. 26 to unveil the works of its collaboration    with one of the world`s greatest designers Karim Rashid at the 2013 Seoul Motor Show. The collaboration between  Karim Rashid and Hyundai is part of Hyundai Motor`s continued efforts to target young consumers who  favor unique and emotional designs.

Karim Rashid is known for his creative vision and recognized  for his brilliant works. In order to attract young customes in Korea. Hyundai has included the  the i30, i40 and Veloster in the RYL (Premium Younique Lifestyle) brand umbrella and has been carrying out specialized marketing activities under the brand with plans to showcase `Karim Rashid`s Special Collection of PYL` and his customized Art Car at the Seoul Motor Show.

4. Hyundai Celebrates World`s First  Assembly Line Production of Zero- Emissions Fuel Cell Vehicles!

The first ix35 Fuel Cell vehicle was rolled off the assembly  line at Hyundai Motor Company`s Ulsan manufacturing complex on Feb. 26, as Hyundai became the world`s first automaker to begin assembly-line  production of zero –emissions, hydrogen-powered vehicles. Now, leading automakers in Europe ant the U.S. are planning to supply hydrogen fuel cell vehicles and to establish refueling stations in order to prepare for mass productions  of these vehicles. In January 2013, the ix35 Fuel Cell won the prestigious FuturAuto award at the Brussels Motor Show, celebrating its technical innovation. Indeed, the vehicle can be refueled with hydrogen in only a few minutes and accelerate from zero to 100 km/h in 12.5 seconds, with  a travel range of 594 kilometers on a single charge.

5. Hyundai Motor Nurtures Future Marketing Specialists Through  `Global Marketing Camp`!

Hyundai Motor hosted its annual `Global Marketing Camp` to familiarize university students with the Hyundai brand and exchange marketing  ideas and experiences with each other. A total of 81 students from Korea, China and India attended the camp, which was held from Feb.25 to 28 in Seoul, Korea. During the course of the camp, students were  able to bond with fellow future marketing specialists ,overcoming cultural and language barriers. The camp is part of Hyundai Motor`s efforts to foster future leaders and innovators by creating a platform for talented students to share their marketing knowledge and develop a global mindset.

(Source: Hyundai Blue Moves)

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