Are you a fan of running and jogging? It`s quite a trill running those miles and burning those calories while leading an extra healthy life! However, this “hobby”, or should we call it a “way of life”, often gives you blisters! Most of the time you think it`s the running shoes, but you`ve probably been wrong! If you get blister problems regularly or if you get the feeling that your feet is moving around in your new shoes, Illumiseen have a solution! You can actually execute the lace lock or the heel lock.

What you have to do, is to use that extra hole on the top of your shoes that you probably ignore! The lace lock does not start with the good old crossing the laces, but it actually starts by going outside of the shoe and going through the extra holes where you create loops on each side of the shoe! Once you have loops, you cross your laces and insert them into the loop on the opposite side! Then, you can pull down and tighten the laces and make a nice, firm lock! Check out how it actually looks in the video below!

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