Dodge Challenger HELLCAT vs Camaro ZL1! Must see!

When we were kids, we couldn`t wait for a sunny day and to go out to play with the others. The girls were jumping the rope, the boys were chasing a ball or playing with toy cars. There is a similar situation in this video. The difference is just that there are no kids and no toys. Actually, there are toys! The cars are the grown ups` toys, aren`t they? The Hellcat vs Camaro racers couldn`t have picked a better day for playing. Everybody is ready, the cars are lined up and the fun can start.

The first race is reserved for Dodge`s Hellcat and for the Chevrolet Camaro ZL1. It seemed like they liked it and they are already waiting for the start of the next race. You have plenty of moments in the video where you can listen to the engines, both idle and roaring and lots of tires squeaking. Also, there is one pretty unusual race besides the Hellcat vs Camaro one. It is a race between a motorbike versus the Hellcat. Very exciting!! All in all, these people know how to get the maximum of the day.

Anyway, check out this crazy Camaro race!