+3400hp, 1704 ci Supercharged 24 Cylinder Engine!

No one takes the saying “go big or go home” literally as auto enthusiast Mike Harrah. Mike Harrah, the automotive enthusiast, developer and also philanthropist is pretty well renowned for his hugely successful California based company. It is called Caribou Industries Inc. He is also very well known for his massive contributions in charities all around Orange County, where he gives back to the community and the kids. But he also goes pretty huge with his vehicle and engine projects. His latest project we are presenting here with this video doesn`t miss to shock. The 24 Cylinder Engine! This 24 Cylinder Engine is rated at over 3800 horsepower!

Harrah introduces this engine as the biggest ever built for a semi-truck and we definitely believe him.

It has 12 blowers, 24 cylinders and 36 butterflies. All this tanks to the two V12 engines combined together! This move sure needs some guts to be pulled off. And when it comes to the DYNO results, it comes to a terrifying 3.424 horsepower!

Finally, if you want to see an amazing Supercharged Cuda, follow this link!

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