Here is something for all those who love the hardcore classic Detroit muscles, tuned to the point of getting transformed into a monstrous dragster that can boom rush any drag race and thunderstruck every drag strip! This `63 Dodge called Bad Judgement, is one hell of a machine, built to destroy any competition in the unlimited class, that gets on its way to the drag strip!

And boy, it sure does! As you will see it for yourself in the video clip below, this drag monster that is packing a 526 cubic inch blown HEMI, alcohol burning, and weighting 3 300 pounds, literally smashes all its opponents in the unlimited class.

With the exception of the first one, the 500 CI Nitrous Firebird, which is a close one, all the others are beaten pretty badly! But besides the explosiveness of the car, we got to give it to the man behind the wheel, who manages to control it perfectly and run a great race, each time!

Just check out the video, take a look at this incredible Mopar and you will see what I`m talking about! And if you want to see the 10 best Mopars from last year`s Hot Rod Drag Week, click here.