2500HP TWIN 88mm Camaro Z28 Turbo At SCT Nashville!

Chevrolet`s brand, the `good old` Camaro, showed up in Nashville at the Street Car Takeover contest, or simply – SCT. This is what we call a REAL BEAST among the cars! Even though his car is not suitable to be called a `street car` and it had to be in the unlimited class, the owner states that he is not afraid to cruise with the street cars class. With two 88mm turbocharges that are powered by, believe it or not, 509 cubic inch motor that is hidden under the hood, this Camaro Z28 Turbo won the hearts of many!

Maybe the best part about it is the twin fuel tank, which allows it to cruise where ever wanted, without having any difficulties at all. It is a pretty heavy fella` as well with its` 3400 pounds. Just watch the guy as he literally flies off with his black, strong and angry Camaro! You could enjoy the sound of the 88mm turbocharges and the 509 cubic inch engine. `Rest` your ears and feast your eyes while you watch the wide thick tires as they do burnouts followed by an incredible start!

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