BEASTLY 1500 HP Camaro! Review, Specs, Burnout, Running on the Street!

Check out this BEASTLY 1500 HP Camaro! Watch the video for the car’s Review, Technical Specifications, Some Smokey Burnout, Running on the Street…

Thank God this automobile is street legal so more and more people can see it each and every day! Do you know how hard is to brainstorm ideas for writing when you are mesmerized by a vehicle like this? But we didn`t give up and wrote a short introduction for this video. Enough with the pathetic words. Let`s cut to the chase. In this video you are going to see a 2010 Twin Turbocharged Chevrolet Camaro that was stripped to the ground and built again. We assume you know that the whole process is quite costly. You are going to find out more info in this half an hour video. Enjoy.

See it for yourself and tell us what do you think! Moreover, check out this other sick Camaro!

Enjoy the video below!

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