2500HP – The World’s Fastest STREET LEGAL CAR!

We have seen some really fast cars on this website. Watching a car that can develop great speeds always makes our day better! The fun thing is that some of the fastest cars in the world have been made illegal, due to the fact that they can accelerate to insane speeds! This made us ask a simple question, just how fast and powerful is the world`s fastest street legal car? Now, we are happy to present you with a video of the answer! Not much info is given about the car or owner, other than it is a street legal car that has 2500 horsepower engine. The footage was taken in Minnesota, on some relatively cold weather, or at least cold enough to make the creator of this video comment about it! Whoever owns this beauty must be really happy with what this car has to offer! We were a little disappointed that the car didn`t have a catchy name, so we decided to name it ourselves.

REAL BEAST! When you hear the staggering number of 2500 horsepower, the first thing the pops out of your mind is whether that particular vehicle is street legal? As a matter of fact, this one is! So, press the play button and give your ears their favorite music! You have the possibility to hear this monster when the engine starts, idles and of course ROARS! When the camera is next to the street legal car, and the driver presses the gas pedal, the sound you hear makes you get the impression of an angry lynx! Also, there are some good footages of the engine itself as well as the interior. Is that all that needs to be said about this 2500HP ride? Check out the video and feel free to share your opinion with us.