2014 L.A. Amazing Street Race: Cars – 1000HP Cheyenne, 1100HP!

After the first shown L.A. Amazing Street Race video, everyone was looking for the new races with the 1000HP Red Cheyenne, 700HP Mustang, 1100HP Turbo Fox, C10

So, we were planning on taking you for a little look around in Los Angeles where we were about to show some cool street cars! We know you are in for it, so let`s begin! First of all we would like to show you the AMAZING Chevrolet Cheyenne as well as meeting its owner! It was DYNO`d and the results were pretty amazing -- around 1000 horsepower! Do not think that`s all. Later on, we will take you to an another place where you will get to see more AWESOME cars such as a 1100hp Turbo Fox, Twin Turbo Cobra with 700hp and so on!

It`s time for some real pleasure for all of you fans on this link!


Enjoy the video below!

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