Best Nissan GTR 250 MPH New Top Speed World Record!

Hello Gear Heads! Wanna hear something exciting? The Best Nissan GTR has broken the top speed record again and it now holds a new one: 250 miles per hour! The new record emerged on a 1 mile track that was passed in 22.602 seconds! The Nissan, however, was perfectly equipped. With the 1700 horsepower engine it was almost clear that a new record is going to be set up! The Toyo Tires made sure that the car is going STRAIGHT to the finish line! And the rest is history! Check out the NISSAN GTR Mk. 1 as it gains a new record!

Check the Nissan GT-R Switzer Goliath 402 KPH (250 MPH) New Top Speed World Record! Published on 20.10.2013!

Finally, you must see this amazing Nissan GTR Godzilla on this link!