Hail The 1969 Chevy Pro Street Camaro “Kamaro”!

The car has a bit of everything; a Pro Touring-type stance and suspension, a Pro Street Camaro engine, and a high-end custom show car … Maybe this Chevy Camaro is not the most defined of cars, it still is a perfect combination of Pro Touring automobile with typical Pro Street features, especially the engine.

This car, which we spotted on one of the SEMA spots, has a little bit of everything, starting with a Pro Street engine, a Pro Touring  stance and suspension and a custom show car insides. When we spoke to its owner Rob, he said that for the first time he built a car which was precisely what he wanted to be.

Finally, take a moment to look at these famous two muscle cars pro street!

1303phr-28-o+las-vegas-sema-car-showcase+1969-chevy-camaro 1303phr-29-o+las-vegas-sema-car-showcase+kamaro-interior 1303phr-31-o+las-vegas-sema-car-showcase+kamaro-engine