1966 Mustang Fastback “Gloss Fiction” Owned By Luis Garcia!

Today, we shall speak about Luis Garcia`s 1966 Mustang Fastback 6 Mustang. Andy, Luis`s brother actually owns the car. 1993 was the year when the 289 big block was bought. It had a manual four speed transmission, which wasn`t a common thing at that time. After long seventeen years of laying in Luis`s garage, he finally started redoing it. The paint was in bad shape, so Luis took it down to North Hollywood where it was repainted. At the Automobile Driving Museum we met Luis, whose car was still incomplete inside and its paint wasn`t quite what we liked.In California, in its south parts is where one should search for this type of a 1966 Mustang Fastback car.


The car has AFR 185 heads  placed precisely, 11.0:1 compression ratio, a mean Isky camshaft which at 0.050 has a two hundred and fifty four duration and a 0.540 lift . It all suits and performs well. The car boosts four hundred and fifty horses. On the top of the intake made by Edelbrock Victor Jr  there is a seven hundred and eighty cfm carburetor which the guys from Pro Systems did a great job in changing it. Hooker super comps placed the 15/8 headers. Dynomax took care of the muffs.


The distributor from Pro Billet has an 6AL2 digital MSD ignition box. It is easy to adjust the rev limitations and the time curves to the box. It still has the classic Top loader.

The inside was fitted Shelby components and down bars and everything else is stock. The steering wheel and the NOS tach are from Shelby SoCal. The forum SoCal Shelby was where Luis picked up the steering wheel and the tach NOS. They weren’t cheap but they were worth every penny.

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