Fast 57 Chevy Truck Dually Diesel Takes On the Drag Strip!

We have a drag race video of this nasty 57 Chevy Truck Diesel Dually, challenging something that looks like a Nissan Skyline, at the last year`s Bandimere Speedway in Morrison, Colorado.

Even though at a first look, this old and crampy pickup truck does not seems to stand a chance against that `race bolid` on the opposite side, yet it proves that `57 Diesel Chevy Dually Truck is really mean looking who is not going out just like that. There would be some serious and all the way to the end battle at this quarter mile distance challenge!

As the vehicles prepare for the beginning of the race, Chevy Dually Truck seems like it actually starts running, but once the race is starting, it shows us its real face. I could only imagine what would have happened if there was a LS 7 supercharged under the hood of this old timer.

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Enjoy the video below!

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