1930 Ford Coupe Rat Rod from Vancouver, Canada to Bonneville Festival!

1930 ford coupe rat rod 5

The proud owner of this rat rod based on the 1930 Ford Coupe is one of those crazy car lovers that has traveled long distances to attend the Bonneville cultural festival at the salt. He has transported his Rat Rod with a car trailer from Vancouver, Canada to the Utah. This is one of the proves that he is 100% devoted to hot rod culture.

This 1930 Ford coupe rat rod has an absolutely menacing presence. Every single bolt, nut and piece of metal on the car seemed to us that it is radiated with history. As we talked to owner Ken, we found out that assumption was very true, because every single part on this car has a vintage going to the late 1950’s.

One of the most interesting parts of this car is the steering wheel that is taken from the Boeing B-29 bomber.

1930 ford coupe rat rod 3 1930 ford coupe rat rod 2 1930 ford coupe rat rod 4 1930 ford coupe rat rod

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