1932 Special Brooklands HHR’S Ford!

1932 Special Brooklands HHR'S Ford 2

Mr. Ron Lee has a thing about European cars. Therefore he hired Hollywood Hot Rods to build him a car. Undoubtedly this vehicle will be European. While building the vehicle the team of HHR used a lot of characteristics and traits of Bugatti. Furthermore, the position of the trunk was completely changed and the grille was expended. And if you are used to blue ovals of a Ford, you better be prepared for this change! The European way is a different one, and this special Brooklands Ford is here to prove us why!

As we already mentioned, the car has abundance of Bugatti`s traits including the headlights, the finned plates and the axile which is a bit lowered. When talking about changes we should also mention the mesh included in the grille as well as the front valance and the hood. The European influence is seen at the brass horse clamps and at the advanced alternator. The fins were part of the Halmecanica oil plan for a vehicle that was supposed to be produced after the Second World War, but obviously that did not happen. The car featured a V8 engine that has only one exhaust. The wheels and the parts are placed in a European way. When talking about wheels, they have the classic hot rod Veda Spec center caps that in this case look very European. The engine is paired with 5-speed transmission system that is rather modern. HHR and its owner, Troy Ladd really know how to treat this vehicle in terms of what to change and what not to. However, we had our doubts mostly because we are talking about a special Brooklands 1932 Ford.

However, when we took a closer look of the car we definitely changed our opinion. Everything is in the right place and it really looks amazing.

1932 Special Brooklands HHR'S Ford

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