1:4 RC Peterbilt 359 At The Real Truck Show! BEST RC TRUCK EVER!

1:4 RC Peterbilt 359 At A Real Truck Show! BEST RC TRUCK EVER!

When people grow up, they often forget to take care of the inner child that everyone carries inside. However, we put our hats down to ones who remember to forget the everyday duties and worries and travel back to their childhoods! This video below, will take you years back in gearhead style! In it, you are going to watch a small scale RC version of the unique Peterbilt 359 truck! However, this truck is big enough for a kid to sit on its trailer and cruise around! This Peterbilt 359 is the real deal, and that is proven by all those looks pointed to it!

How good of an RC Truck do you have to be in order to perform at a REAL TRUCK SHOW!? Sounds impossible, well it will not be after you see this footage where everything is clearly shown! However, this is the BEST RC TRUCK EVER Peterbilt 359 RC 1:4 and we all know that Peterbilt Trucks are definitely the best CUSTOM MADE ones! Anyway, the crowd at Piston Show 2012 seemed to me more excited for this RC Truck than it was for the actual TRUCKS! This truck and its owner walked proudly thorough the parade as they got a round of applause! Please, welcome PETERBILT 359 RC 1:4!

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