1/2 Scale 1970 Plymouth SuperBird With A Briggs Stratton Engine And A Full-Sized Driver! LOL!

This is most definitely and by far the best small car I have ever seen. A Finest example of excellent craftsmanship and a perfect way to show off one`s love for a car like this 1970 Plymouth Superbird. When it comes to materialization of the passion and devotion one has for cars, it does not get any better than this. This amazing replica of the famous American muscle car also comes with its own Briggs Stratton engine! The little Superbird really has it all! So what we have here is a video of a handmade 1970 Plymouth Superbird, about a half size from the real thing. Its owner and constructor started it from a scratch and after a lot of hard work and impeccable precision in details, he came up with the perfect replica of the real thing. He really did a marvelous job, and we applaud him for this creation.

Under the hood of this nine feet long Superbird, there is 8 HP Briggs Stratton engine that gives the vehicle enough power to be able to roll down the street, but it is still far from competing on a drag strip. Anyway, by now this small Superbird has been part of three car shows and it is about to appear in Mopar Collectible magazine. Whatever the future of this little car is, we are sure it will be a bright one! After all, it is not every day you see a perfect replica of the famous 1970 Plymouth Superbird at a ½ scale! Wherever this small car goes, it will always be the center of attention we are sure of it! Don`t miss the footage of the half sized Superbird and the opportunity to hear its 8 horsepower Briggs Stratton engine! Enjoy.

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