Custom 2008 Dodge Challenger Superbird Sounds Like A Plane! (194mph)

Check out this 2008 Dodge Challenger Superbird Custom Sounds Like A Plane! (194mph)

The Plymouth Superbird was introduced on the market back in 1970. We can say that generally the Plymouth Superbird was some kind of a toned down NASCAR racing car. It was also to some extent a flop. But, being a flop in its time, didn`t stop the Plymouth Superbird from entering gearhead Valhalla! It also inspired a big number of creative generations to do some unwise modifications to muscle cars. The latest creation of that kind of an inspiration comes The Grizz! It can produce up to 194 miles per hour!

Birth was given to The Grizz by Joel Highsmith and his nutter pals. It started at first as a modest 2008 Dodge Challenger Superbird, but when these guys got a hold of it, you get this mad scientist creation. The first thing that will grab your attention when you set your eyes on the Dodge Challenger Superbird is the very radical Superbird body kit. It has great aero front end and an immense rear wing. To say the least, the result is impressive, even If you think the rear wing does look a bit strange on the flared rear deck of this Dodge Challenger.

Monster is what you want -- monster is what you get. The 2008 Dodge Challenger “Superbird” may look nice, but surely is not nice. In fact, it is very mean! When you see its black rims, black paintjob with slim red stripes, you may presume it has power, but not until you open its hood can you be prepared for what is coming: 408 Cubic Inch engine by Spanking Time Motorsports, getting over 1000 RWHP, with KB 4.2 Supercharger 17lbs of boost, NAG 1 Transmission by Paramount, and Superbird Conversion by HPP #002 (first race edition). This fusion of old and new is owned by Team Spankin Time.

We are very happy to see the legacy of the Superbird lives on because of a madman like Joel Highsmith and his pals.
Finally, if you want to see a 1970 Plymouth producing massive burnouts, check this link!

Enjoy the video below!

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9 thoughts on “Custom 2008 Dodge Challenger Superbird Sounds Like A Plane! (194mph)

  1. killALLtires

    Im speachless other than only bein able to say DAM that car sounded amazing, i can only think WHY DID U DO THAT TO THAT CHALENGER! You destroyed that car.

  2. Phoghat

    But will it pass em isions?

  3. jared packer

    Love the superbird fin looks evil!!!

  4. Bill Cherry

    There is so much wrong about that car. I hate it period. Ruined what would have been a great Challenger. What is wrong, we lets start with the superbrd was made our of a Roadrunner and the Datoona out of a Charger…….do you see Challenger anywhere in there?

  5. I think it’s an awesome car. it’s a challenger because it sits on a challenger chassis. so its registered as a challenger. we own a 2010 challenger and you can see the back of the challenger in that car. doesn’t look like a Daytona or a charger. it has the superbird spoiler but that looks good and helps out the performance. its an awesome car and the people on here hating on it would take it in a second if it was given to them. just a bunch of haters who probably drive camrys or Nissan Leafs. The wild ones may even have a Taurus. quit hating and admire a one of a kind car.

  6. YouAllSuck

    He did an awesome job, and the car is amazing. What you prefer stock? Do you have the car? Is yours stock?

  7. moses

    Haha, all these haters without a damn leg to stand on driving their little civics around. Grow up guys. That car would drop man panties everywhere it went.

  8. Matthew Jacques

    Obviously those complaining about the looks don’t understand the functionality of the super bird look. It’s all about aerodynamics and down force.

  9. Renee Humphrey

    Wrong body not a road runner like in the 1970 ruins the vehicle,should bring back road runner body not on a challenger body also back then limited numbers built.

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