It is really messed up when you cannot make a difference between the exhaust sound and firing weapons! We have such an example right here. These tuned monsters will make you wonder whether you are in the Wild West or on a regular street! So let`s start from the bottom! Get ready for this FD MAZDA RX-7 with a single turbo and more than 700 horsepower! After that, you will have the chance to hear the sound of a 3.2L Engine Swap and 800 horsepower! We are talking about a BMW E46 TOURING! Moreover you will get the chance to hear the 996 Turbo PORSCHE with 1500bhp after which an AUDI RS4 will show you what it has to show! To be more precise, it will present to you the sound of a 3.0L Bi-Turbo engine with 769bhp!

Just when you think you`ve seen it all – NISSAN SKYLINE R34 GT-T takes the floor with its amazing 708bhp!!! However, the real deal comes at the very end – BMW E30 and its M50 TURBO 696 horsepower!!! We really do not recommend headphones for this representative of the tuned monsters!!! See what else is on the menu and enjoy!

Anyway, when it comes to tuned Nissans, check this out!