Street Legal Modified JEEP CJ7 Covers 1/4 Mile In 8 Seconds!

Wow! This Jeep definitely made the audience at Byron Dragway’s 21st Annual World Power Wheelstanding Event happy and excited! The whole crowd went wild after the performance of this BEAST and you will soon know why! This is not the first time we see an 8 seconds car, but we rarely see a modified JEEP CJ7 in this fraction, do not you agree? Well meet Greg Zoetmulder who will proudly present his AES built for you!

This MONSTER is really powerful and you cannot imagine all the modifications this guys had made for his Jeep! The hood hides a 408 ci engine with an air to air pro charger! Also this modified Jeep is followed by a MAGNA FUEL PRO 500 and amazing MT ET tires! However, his best time was set 5 years ago when it went through a 1/4 mile in 8.47 seconds while being on 7 cylinders!

We hope that this honest Jeep lover whose name is Greg will come back every year with his Jeep stronger and stronger and will get those records! Now take a look at this unique and cool build and feel free to share your opinion!

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