This Workshop Had To Be Shut Down Due To Making Fake Ferraris!

Owning a super car is not something that many people can afford. No matter how much we love these cars, they are simply out of reach. Well, this is exactly what a father and a son from Brazil, Itajai knew and tried to take advantage from such scenario. Namely, they started to manufacture fake Ferraris and Lamborghinis! They had all the knowledge and the equipment required to do so, thus receiving orders from people for specific Ferraris and Lamborghinis.

workshop fake ferraris and lamborghinis 1

Their business was going so well that a single fake Ferrari or Lamborghini could cost you up to $66,353, whereas the cheapest one being $47,447. Even though they had some minor troubles with unsatisfied clients, everything seemed to be going well, that is until the Civil Police of Santa Catarina finally discovered their illegal activities.

This Workshop Had To Be Shut Down Due To Making Fake Ferraris 4

However, the police was not working alone. A complaint had been previously filed by a law firm in Sao Paolo that represented both Ferrari and Lamborghini. It took couple of months until enough evidence was collected to charge the father and his son.

Inside the workshop there were eight unfinished vehicles, that had been previously ordered by customers. The parts that they were installing in the cars were very cheap and as it had been announced, they were installing engines from vehicles such as the Chevrolet Omega.

However, it is not just the father and his son who would be charged for their forgery scheme, it is the people who ordered the fake Ferraris and Lamorghinis too! Since all of them knew that the vehicles were fake, they must have known that this business was illegal.

No one knows how longer would have their business continued to operate since it was very profitable for both of them. The civil police is constantly working on discovering these illegal workshops since this is just one of the many in the world.

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