Why Do Some Vehicle Damage More In A Car Accident?

Car accidents are very unpredictable. Some accidents are so minute that neither the vehicle or the person involved incurred any vehicle damages. On the other hand, there are also accidents that result in so much damage, particularly when it comes to the vehicles involved. With property damage, there may be one vehicle that garners more damage than another. Here you will learn why one vehicle earns more damage than others in a car accident.

Why Do Some Vehicle Damage More In A Car Accident 1

1. It Is An Older Vehicle

One of the parts of a car that can easily sustain damages is its exterior. Whenever an accident happens, it is the exterior that is more susceptible to more significant damage.

In most cases, this is a good thing, as it serves to protect the more important parts of the car, which are located in the interior, such as the engine. But damage to the exterior can also mean costly repairs, particularly if you do not have insurance that covers your car.

More often than not, when two vehicles collide, it is the older car that acquires more damage compared to a newer one. This, in itself, is explainable. Most old cars are already depreciated and are even worn out, to say the least.

A simple example is a ten-year-old car that runs into a one-year-old car. The one-year-old vehicle is, in essence, healthier than the older one. Hence, if you are the one driving the older car, then it is highly probable, though not always the case, that your vehicle is the one that will obtain the most damage.

2. It Is A Cheaper Vehicle

Vehicles do not come at the same price points when you are comparing the same type of cars. This section, therefore, applies to vehicles of the same kind that collides with each other. For example, three SUVs figured into an accident.

These three SUVs come from different car manufacturers. Any car expert would know that, usually, the price of a car is determinant of the brand as well, and some SUVs certainly have a better reputation than others when it comes to their durability.

Therefore, in most cases, it is a cheaper vehicle that also garners the most damage. Although not always the case, the price point is also a good determinant of the vehicle`s quality.

3. It Was Over Speeding

This particular circumstance is quite hard to decipher, and this is where the expertise of a lawyer, like The Dominguez Firm car accident lawyers, comes in. Depending on where the accident happened, there is a stated speed limit on that road.

When this results in a crash, it is expected that the vehicle that was over speeding is also going to earn the most severe damage. How so? When the driver of the speeding vehicle realizes that they are in trouble, it takes more time to stabilize the car and put it to a complete halt.

However, the speed is also very subjective, and this is where an in-depth study of the circumstances surrounding the accident comes in. Unless there are witnesses who saw the car speeding, and cameras to prove this, the speed of a car is tough to tell precisely after the accident has already happened.

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4. It Has Lesser Quality

Not every car is made to have the same quality. One car may be more durable than the other, which may perhaps explain why it is also more expensive. It is also possible that the safety features of one car is greater than that of another. All these factors, of course, come into play when you are choosing a car to purchase.

In a car accident that involves two or more vehicles, there is one that is certainly above the spectrum of quality when compared to the rest. In most cases, it is expected that the stronger, more durable car will sustain the least damage.

5. It Is The Smaller Vehicle

This last section is quite self-explanatory. Certainly, a smaller car would be no match to a truck or a bus. Also depending on the circumstances of the case, it is quite expected that the smaller vehicle is going to get more significant damage than the bigger one on the principle of its size alone. This case, of course, applies only to collisions of vehicles that have different sizes.


With these above-mentioned principles, it is best to highlight the fact that when you figure into an accident, you are better off seeking the advice of a lawyer. Remember that a lawyer has years of experience and expertise on their plate than you do.

They know how to ascertain the details of the extent of the damages based on the circumstances of the accident. With these ironed out, you are sure to enjoy a better result and settlement of what is supposed to be an unfortunate situation, which is your car accident.