Which Cars are Fuel-Efficient?

For both environmental and economical reasons, fuel-efficiency is among the top concerns of modern car-buyers. While the greatest strides in this respect are being made by electric vehicles, traditional gas-guzzlers remain popular with British motorists for the time being, and the chances are that your next purchase will come with an internal combustion engine. So what are the most fuel-efficient cars on the market today? Let`s run through a few of the popular contenders.

Which Cars are Fuel-Efficient 1

Kia Niro

Kia`s Niro works a lot like Toyota`s Prius. It isn`t a plug-in vehicle, but a hybrid whose electric motor runs in parallel with the vehicle`s automatic gearbox. This hybrid is available now in the UK for the first time, though Kia`s parent company Hyundai has considerable pedigree when it comes to hybrid vehicles. The Niro sits at around 88g/km in CO2 emissions, saving drivers hundreds per year, and it picks up around 50-mpg on average real-world tests.

Which Cars are Fuel-Efficient 2

Vauxhall Astra

Astonishingly, a quarter of UK motorists have at some point sat behind the wheel of Vauxhall`s Astra. The car is just a little bit more fuel efficient than the Niro, sitting at around 55mpg – but we should bear in mind that the emissions are not quite on the same level. There are a range of options to choose from, some of which are very affordable.

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Ford Focus

The flagship hatchback of this most famous American brand is worth considering if you`re looking to limit your running costs. The Focus comes equipped with a capacious 52-litre fuel tank, and can achieve mileage of around 43.8mpg – which isn`t particularly impressive, given the competition. Get yours insured by a reputable name like ALAIB.

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Suzuki Celerio

Small, lightweight and practical, this is a vehicle that`s appealing to motorists who are looking to limit their costs. And, sure enough, a smaller vehicle is easier to get from place to place. Every model of Celerio weighs in at under 100g/km in terms of CO2, so you`ll be driving tax free, as well as lowering your fuel bills.

Which Cars are Fuel-Efficient 4

Honda Civic

Finally, we come to Honda`s Civic, which comes in at between 33-49 mpg, depending on where you`re driving. Long-distance drivers might expect to push this up to the fifties, and perhaps even higher than that. In terms of taxation, you`ll be paying a little more than the compact city cars and hybrids on this list, but the emissions are still broadly competitive, making this an excellent choice for budget-conscious commuters.