Awesome Wheel Production! Find Out HOW WHEELS ARE MADE!

Throughout our history, most innovations were inspired by something that can be found in the natural world. For example, the pitchfork was invented based on forked sticks. The idea to make an airplane came from gliding birds. However, the wheel is a 100% homo sapiens innovation. In tribute to the wheel, we present to you this awesome wheel production video. It shows exactly how wheels are made and it is very satisfying to watch. It`s very amazing how it begins with just a metallic circle. The machine responsible for creating wheels does wonders with this metallic circle. A true marvel of modern machinery.

It`s a very exciting process that shows this machine molding the circle into a wheel. The guy who gives us a rundown of the wheel production factory is Chris of the YouTube channel DtRockStar1. This is far from a documentary like for example Discovery Channel`s “How It`s Made” episodes. Nevertheless, it gives us a very nice perspective on how wheels are made. However, we really wonder how this process compares to other process. We assume forged is the strongest. Nevertheless, this spinning style of making wheels must come pretty close. What we care about though, is your opinion on it. So, feel free to comment below!

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