What’s the Point of a Rear Spoiler?

If you`re a car enthusiast, then at some point, you must have asked yourself why rear spoilers are such a big deal? Are they popular because they improve performance? Or is it simply a modification that car enthusiasts make based on style? Why do car enthusiasts want a rear spoiler in the first place?

Whats the Point of a Rear Spoiler 2

The question of whether or not a car rear spoiler or “wing”, as it`s sometimes called, has been the subject of many debates over the years.

Some enthusiasts argue that spoilers are only useful when it comes to race cars because they`re meant to go faster than usual--and on the other hand, there are enthusiasts who think a rear spoiler has benefits, no matter the model of your car.

In this article, we`ll be breaking the debate down and looking at the different opinions and facts surrounding rear spoilers. Keep reading to get a clearer picture of what a rear spoiler is, what it does, and why you might want one for your car.


Rear spoilers have been one of the most popular modifications on race cars for decades. They rose to icon status when they became popular during the 1960s and 1970s, both in the world of car racing and on the silver screen.

When iconic cars like the 1970 Road Runner Superbird and the 1972 BMW 3.0 CSL were launched, they were marketed for their speed and the rear spoiler was the leading feature in that campaign.

These days, there are a lot of cars on the market that have rear spoilers despite the fact that they`re by no means race cars. The aftermarket auto parts and accessories industry, as well as the car modification services industry, have grown throughout the years, making car modification readily available at a fraction of the price that it cost in the past.

If you want a rear spoiler, there are a lot of ways to have one installed that will take your car`s performance into consideration--even if you don`t drive a race car.


In the previous section, we talked about iconic status and how rear spoilers became popular. Along with their popularity comes a certain sense of style and car calibre--having a rear spoiler can make your ride look sportier, faster, and trendier.

The thing about rear spoilers is that they have to be built with the car in mind. The rear spoiler has to be measured according to the car`s specific dimensions, needs, and engine specifications. When you get a rear spoiler, make sure you tell your car modification guy exactly what you want in terms of aesthetics.

In the end, the overall look and performance of your car will depend on the spoiler and how it`s measured and installed. A well-installed rear spoiler will make your car look stylish, chic, and sporty--it will also increase the retail value of your car, should you decide to sell it.

On the other hand, a badly-installed rear spoiler won`t just bog down your car`s performance, it will also lower the price at which you can eventually sell.


The way that a rear spoiler works in terms of boosting car performance has to do with downforce. Downforce is your car`s ability to grip the road in a way that`s efficient in terms of friction and stability. When a car is going really fast, air and pressure can accumulate around it, making it lift up off the ground.

This makes the car impossible to turn quickly without risking an accident. It also makes it harder for the car to increase its speed because the lift off the ground doesn`t allow the car to gain momentum.

How Downforce Works

Now we come to the reason why a lot of car enthusiasts say that a rear spoiler doesn`t really make a difference--at least not for city driving. Cities usually have a speed limit of around 80 to 100 kph.

For Downforce to have a real impact, you need to be going at least 120 kph. Although a rear spoiler will still look stylish, sporty, and chic, it doesn`t functionally make an impact when driving within speed limits.

Too Much or Too Little Downforce

Another thing to consider is that city structures are often very restricting in terms of how a vehicle can move. One of the main advantages of downforce is you can curb or drift at a stable rate. This move would be impossible to pull off without a lot of space. This might be something to consider when getting your rear spoiler.

Will you be able to drive out of the city to take the car out for a spin? If not, then you have to ask yourself: is a rear spoiler the best car modification for you or might you do better with something like a body kit or upgraded tires?


Rear spoilers are also known for reducing drag. Drag occurs when there`s too much air pressure that surrounds a car, holding it back by creating resistance. Rear spoilers help relieve the drag from a moving car, especially once it gets to a certain speed. It does this by “spoiling” the air or breaking the airflow, thus making it impossible for drag to be created.


Another thing to consider when deciding whether or not it`s worth it to get a rear spoiler is the terms of your warranty. Although a rear spoiler is a tentatively safe car modification in that it doesn`t require you to dismantle part of your car body, there are certain methods of installment that might cause permanent wear and tear to the car body.

Make sure that you double-check the terms of your warranty and bring it up with the experts who will be doing the installation. You may then want to cross-reference this with your manufacturer just so that you`re sure all bases have been covered before any work begins.

Car Age

How old is your car? This might seem like a basic consideration, but a lot of people who get rear spoilers do it as a result of being a bit bored with the current state of their cars. This means they`ve probably had their cars for at least a year or so--that said, there are always exceptions to the rule and some car owners might want to start modifying right away.

Older and newer cars each have their own pros and cons. Newer cars often have a very strict warranty--this can limit the kinds of modifications that you choose. However, they`re also less prone to damage because the materials are still new and have less wear and tear.

Older cars, on the other hand, allow you certain liberties when it comes to the warranty, but they can also break more easily, depending on how rigorous the car modification process is. An older car might not even be able to meet the speed at which a rear spoiler can help with performance.

Make sure that you take up car age with your car modification professionals before deciding whether or not a rear spoiler is right for you.

The Right Spoiler for Your Car

Step one when it comes to choosing the best spoiler for your car is to go to a quality shop where they have great materials and a good pool of experts. AusBody Works is a good example of shops that fit into these categories.

Once you get your team and decide on your shop, their experts will then evaluate what type of spoiler is best for your car. Other factors that they`ll consider are size, speed, and capacity of your car--there`s no point in outfitting a small car with a huge spoiler; it`ll just decrease the performance.

They`ll also have to work on the angle at which the spoiler is installed--setting the spoiler at the wrong angle will create more drag and less downforce that can decrease your car`s performance.


There are a lot of factors to consider when it comes to deciding whether or not to get a rear spoiler. These factors range from purpose, fit, style, and reseller retail value. However, the bottom line across all of these things to consider is how well the car modification can be installed. When you take your car to a quality car shop, then there isn`t a lot of room for error.

Shopping around and finding a reputable body kit shop that sells rear spoilers can save you a lot of trouble in the long run. Getting car modifications that are sloppy can eventually damage your car and cause not just lower retail reselling value, but also potential problems for your warranty.

Anyone who`s interested in getting a rear spoiler should also look at ABS & Polyurethane body kits. These innovations are a great way to enhance your car`s overall look and performance without so much as affecting your car`s original body.

That said, don`t take our word for it--consult with a car expert and see for yourself. Head over to your local shop and make up your mind about which side of the rear spoiler debate you fall on.