What to Look for When Choosing a Windshield Replacement Company in Gilbert, AZ

Once known as the “Hay Shipping Capital of the World,” with a population of just 5,717 in 1980, Gilbert, AZ, is one of the fastest-growing cities in the state of Arizona and the U.S. With growth exceeding 25% since the 2010 census, the population of Gilbert, AZ, is expanding rapidly. Gilbert spans some sixty-nine miles in the Metro Area`s East Valley. With more than 260,000 population, Gilbert the sixth-largest city in the state and fifth-largest in the Metro Area. Its residents are affluent, well-educated, and by comparison, young for Arizona. Check out this article to find out how to find the best windshield replacement company over there.

Gilbert and the surrounding area is a mecca for those that love the outdoors with the nearby Superstition Mountains, home to some of the region`s best hiking, such as the Peralta Trail and Siphon Draw. If cycling is more your cup of tea, Gilbert features the Central Trail System, with 135 miles of trails for hikers and bikers. And, if wildlife is your passion, a visit to the Riparian Reserve to bird-watch or take in the Dinosaur Dig is a must-do.

Gilbert Population Growth Contributing to Traffic Woes

This population explosion has one major drawback – traffic. In addition to challenging surface routes, such as Elliot, Val Vista, and Guadalupe, the highway situation can be even worse.

On a good day, the drive time from Gilbert to Phoenix or Scottsdale can easily be more than a half-hour. And, during that commute, don`t even think about picking up your iPhone for a call or to text. Gilbert’s new hands-free driving law, effective January 1, 2021, prohibits texting, holding your phone for calls, or scrolling through social media while your vehicle is in motion. Get caught today, and you`re subject to a fine.

Although the extension of State Route202, the San Tan Freeway, provides some relief, there is no mass transit connecting Gilbert to Phoenix proper. Residents must travel the US 60 to the East and State Route101 to the North. The stretch of 101 from Broadway to Main Street is the busiest section of the highway in the metro area, and US 60 traffic at the I-10 ranks among the worst in the nation.

Another national distinction for Arizona residents is the number of cracked windshields.

Leading the Nation in Cracked Windshields

In 2015 Fox 10 News did an expose titled,“Broken Windshields: Arizona Leads the Nation in Glass Repair.” it was all about that Arizona is the state with the biggest number of car glass repairs in the US. They also explained that driving trough Arizona might be very dangerous comparing it to driving in an asteroid belt.

Things haven`t improved in the interim, as today Arizona still leads the nation in auto glass claims, although 14th in the country in population. There are no statistics to validate this opinion; however, we’re willing to bet Gilbert is right at the top of AZ’s areas for broken windshields due to all that traffic, highway congestion, and road construction.

What to Look for When Choosing a Windshield Replacement Company in Gilbert

Our climate, seemingly endless road construction, the number of big rigs on our roads, and Xeriscape landscaping (lots of rocks and pebbles) along our highways all contribute to our cracked windshield epidemic. If you live in Gilbert and drive with any frequency, you`ve probably experienced a chipped or cracked windshield. In AZ, once you have a chip or break, it`s prudent to address the issue quickly to prevent further heat related spread/damage.

Your windshield is the vehicle`s most important safety features. The windshield plays a role in your car`sstructural integrity, preventing a roof cave-in during an accident or rollover. That`s why selecting the best auto glass company is important.How do you identify a professional, experienced, ethical, and reliable company to repair or replace your windshield in Gilbert? We suggest you follow these guidelines:

  1. Experience-- When selecting an auto glass company, experience in the industry should be your primary consideration. Experience is more important than company size. You want to be sure the technicians working on your car are trained, experienced, and certified.
  2. Local vs. National – A local company will be more familiar with dealing with local issues such as Arizona`s climate. Locationis anotherimportant considerationfor mobile repairs.
  3. Mobile Service Offered– Speaking of mobile services, mobile repair has become the norm in today’s environment, and adhering to CDC safety guidelines is imperative.
  4. SDAT – Safe Drive Away Time After Repairs– Ask about SDAT (Safe Drive Away Time) after repairs –SDAT is the amount of time that your car should remain out of service until adhesives cure correctly for safe operation.
  5. Quality Materials– Verify the quality of all materials, glass, and adhesives.All parts and materials should be OEM or OEM equivalent. These materials are of the best grade, meet all safety requirements, and are the ideal fit for your vehicle. With extreme temperatures,quality adhesivesare essential.
  6. Sourcing – Should you drive a classic, exotic, or luxury vehicle, can the company source the appropriate glass for your car?
  7. Financing / Insurance– Verify that the company accepts insurance coverage and has experience working with all the insurance companies in the area. A reputable auto glass company will provide an estimate of repair and/or replacement costs. Select a company that will work with you based on your insurance coverage. Many companies even offer rebates if you have full coverage and no deductible.
  8. Credentials-- Your due diligence includes validating that the company is licensed and certified.
    We suggest you verify the company`s BBB rating and check reviews on sources such as Yelp, Google, Yellow Pages, and local.com.
  9. Satisfaction Guarantee–The company should stand behind the quality of its work by offering a lifetime guarantee on repairs or replacements. This indicates the company is confident its technicians have installed your auto glass professionally with the proper materials.

This article was brought to you by SunTec Windshield Replacement of Gilbert, AZ.We hope it has been informative and will help you qualify the bestGilbert auto glass replacement company. Here`s how SunTec performs relative to the above criteria.

SunTec is a locally owned and operated business, licensed and insured in the state of Arizona.We have multiple meeting locations in Gilbert for mobile repairs, such as Santan Village or the Chandler/Gilbert Community College.

At SunTec Windshield Replacement Gilbert, AZ, we pride ourselves on our versatility. Our technicians are experts at more than windshields. They have seen damaged rear windows or door windows before and can perform any auto glass repair required.Each Gilbert auto glass repair technician is trained,experienced, and highly qualified.

We provide same-day mobile windshield replacement service throughout the Gilbert area.  With SunTec, we never charge you for mobile service, no matter the type of work performed.

Typically, SDAT (Safe Drive Away Time) is about three hours; however, our technicians will typically complete the job and have you back on the road in just one hour.

We use only OEM or OEM Equivalent Glass. In fact, all our parts and materials (including adhesives) are Original Equipment Manufacturer (OEM) or OEM-equivalent. This guarantees you get the best grade available, meet all safety standards for your vehicle, and that fit and finish are perfect.

If you have comprehensive insurance, we can handle the complete process for you. We are a preferred partner for each insurance company operating in AZ, and you may qualify for a cash back offer of up to $140 on a windshield replacement.

For those without insurance we offer the most competitive pricing (we match or beat the competition)and accept all major credit cards.

Call us at 480-900-7010, and we`ll provide

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And don`t forget to ask about SunTec`s 100% satisfaction guaranteed warranty. We`re proud of our product and our technicians and offer a lifetime warranty for your newly replaced or repaired auto glass.

At SunTec, we believe an informed consumer is our best customer.