Car Gadgets to Improve Your Driving Experience!

There is nothing better than getting behind the wheel of your car and enjoying a leisurely drive to wherever you may be going. The thrill of being on the open road can be improved even more with the many car gadgets you can now buy for your vehicle. Not only are many of them practical and very handy to have on board but they also represent some of the coolest tech currently on the market to customize your car. If you are looking for ways to give your driving experience a boost and make being behind the wheel even more amazing, check out these cool gizmos.

Car Gadgets to Improve Your Driving Experience 2

Although they might not make it quite as thrilling as driving Michael Schumacher’s 2001 F1 car, it could come close:

OneVer Hands-free wireless Bluetooth transmitter

One of the most common issues you may face when driving is getting an important phone call that you are unable to answer. Luckily, this nifty gadget solves that problem to ensure you can always answer safely and never miss another vital call, while sticking to the law. Fully hands-free and wireless, it plugs directly into your car lighter socket and will allow you to answer calls safely while driving.

Mini car DVR dash camera

This cool little gadget will improve your driving experience by providing an extra measure of security on the road. Fitting onto your front dashboard, it faces forward to record what is happening in real time when switched on. This is superb for not only keeping a hard record of any road traffic incidents you may be involved in but also recording any memorable road trips you go on.

Air Dragon portable air compressor

Many people have seen this on television at the As Seen on TV Store and have rung up to buy one. The reasons why are simple – it gives you a quick and easy way to put some air into any car tires that may be running a bit flat.

With no charging needed, it connects direct to your car’s 12V car charger and will automatically inflate to the pressure you input beforehand. The 14-foot power cable makes it hassle-free to reach all four car tires, and it is compact enough to keep in the car for use away from home.

E-Z Way GPS holder

GPS devices are invaluable to you as a driver and enable you to get to new places with no stress or fuss. Some can be hard to keep in place on your windscreen or dashboard though, which is where this handy GPS holder helps out.

Holding onto your GPS device horizontally, it can move through 360 degrees, so it is always at the perfect angle to view when driving. Easy to attach and with no tools needed to do so, it gives the ideal hands-free way to get to where you are headed.

Car gadgets make driving more fun

If you are looking for a quick, relatively inexpensive way to improve your driving experience then picking up a few gadgets is a great move. Whether it is simply to add some extra fun to your drive time or for more practical use, the many car gadgets on the market will certainly put some more va-va-voom into your next journey.