What to Do When Someone Damages Your Car

Being in a car accident is a situation that most people try to steer clear of. However, no matter how hard you try to avoid them, there`s always the possibility of you being in a car accident. As a driver, there are three main causes of accidents: you, another driver, or circumstances beyond a driver`s control. Naturally, each of these situations needs a different approach. When someone else is to blame for your car`s damage, it`s natural to be upset. You may want to act impulsively, but keep in mind that there`s a right way to go about these types of things. We`re here to inform you on what to do when someone damages your car.

What to Do When Someone Damages Your Car 2


Of course, the first thing you should do after realizing that you`ve been involved in an accident is to stop. This will likely be your instinct as well. If possible, try to get the other driver to stop as well – they may try to drive off if they know they are responsible.

If they drive off, it  may also be the case that they are driving a bit further to find a place where it is safe to pull over. However, if they do not stop and it is unsafe for you to try and stop them, you should rather try to write down their license plate number.

Get legal help

One of the first things you need to do is to call a lawyer as soon as you are able. Since there will be a variety of legal implications when it comes to an accident, it`s best to get professional advice.

You`ll probably need to fill in a police report, gather witness statements, claim from insurance, and perhaps even open a case against the other driver. This can be overwhelming to tackle on your own. It`s a good idea to get legal assistance when involved in a rear-ending case, especially when you`re not at fault.

Call your insurance company

As soon as you can, inform your car insurance company that you`ve been in an accident, and provide them with as many details as possible. If you can, get the other party`s insurance details as well. You`ll likely have a load of paperwork to complete for your insurance claim to pay out, so the sooner you can get it sorted, the better. You don`t want to be stuck without a car – or, worse, with an unsafe car – so schedule any repairs for as soon as possible.

Take pictures

You`ll need evidence of the accident and the fact that the damage was caused by someone else`s actions, not yours. This means collecting proof. Witness statements and police reports can be great sources of evidence if the case should ever go to trial, but this gets complicated when there aren`t any witnesses involved.

Photos are hard evidence of what happened. Be sure to get as many detailed photos as you can. You can achieve this by taking photos from different angles and distances. Photos are important in cases where damage has been caused by someone else.