What should I be aware of when selling my car?

It`s funny the internet has made it much easier for you to reach a large audience. You would think that this makes it easier to sell your car privately and yet more people than ever before are now turning to specialist car buying firms, such as I sold my car. The reason is actually surprisingly simple. Selling to a specialist buyer means you`ll avoid the array of issues that come with selling your car privately. These firms will assess the vehicle while you`re there, take all the documents you have to offer, and then give you the funds. It’s virtually hassle free and it’s fast. Here are several tips on what I should be aware of when selling my car.

What should I be aware of when selling my car 1

That`s the key, in the modern world people seem to have less leisure time than ever; they don`t want to waste it on selling cars and other items when there is an easier option.

To give you an insight into why this is the case, consider the issues you should be aware of when selling your vehicle:


The most important thing you`ll need to do when selling your car is to know its history and disclose it fully. This will prevent any buying from coming back to you and suing you because of a fault. If you make sure that you disclose everything you know about a vehicle then you won`t have an issue.

Private Plates

If your vehicle has specialized plates then you need to disclose this in the advert and whether the plates are going with the car. It will affect the registration process for the buying and is an important part of the process; they need to know in advance or they will arrive to view the car and be very frustrated.


You`ll need to establish a value for the vehicle. The easiest way to do this is to look at other adverts, this will give you an idea of what similar cars are selling for. Of course, you`ll then have to assess your vehicle against these to decide if it`s worth more or less. The speed at which you wish to sell your car will also make a difference in the price.

What should I be aware of when selling my car 3


You`ll need to have all the right documents to hand in order to complete the selling part of the process. Required documents include the registration certificate, your original proof of purchase and a notice of disposal which will ensure the new buyer can register the car in their own name.

It is also probably necessary in your state to notify the driving agency that you`ve sold the car; this will ensure the records are updated properly. If you don`t notify them you could be fined and you`ll be liable for speeding tickets and anything else that the new driver does in the car!


It is also important to note that you should never release your car or the documents until you have received the funds.

You may be paid in cash, in which case you need to check the notes are genuine. If a bank transfer or a cheque is given then don`t release the vehicle until you are sure the funds are in your account. Speak to your bank to verify this.