What is the Average Life of a Camper?

If you are a camping enthusiast who is investing in a camper, make sure you pick one that is reliable and long-lasting. A camper is something that should accompany you on many years worth of trips! While a good camper should function smoothly, you should also take good care of it. Maintenance and repair are also important to ensure that the camper lasts a long time. It’s best to get rid of an old camper and upgrade to a new one before it becomes unsafe to travel in.

Types of Campers

If you are looking to purchase a camper, here are some of the common options available.

Travel Trailer: Travel trailers are a popular option since they are very convenient. You basically have to tow the back of your vehicle and drive it to the destination. The trailer has enough space to sleep and basic amenities. It is a safer option than a tent for sleeping in.

Fifth wheel: This is also a camper that you have to tow, but it is generally considered safer and easier to tow. It also has over-cab space, which gives you more living space.

Class A motorhome: If you have a large family and are looking to travel and camp in comfort, then a Class A motorhome is the best option for you! These are some of the biggest campers available and offer ample space.

Class B Camper Van: In case you are looking for a small and compact camper, then opt for a Class B Camper Van! While these campers may be compact, they have all the basic amenities that you will need. They are also more reasonably priced. In case you have a small family, then these are your best options.

How to Maintain your Camper?

Once you have obtained your camper, you need to maintain it as well! Here are some ways you can maintain your camper so that it stays running for a long time.

Check the roof

Pay attention to the roof of your camper, and make sure to check it properly at least every three months. If there is an opening in the seams of the roof, it may cause water to leak in, which will not only ruin the roof but also cause damage inside the camper. In case there is a tear or opening, use a sealant to close it shut and prevent damage.

Keep an eye on the tires

Before every trip you take on the camper, make sure you check the tires! An excellent way to stay safe is by tightening the wheel lug nuts and ensuring they do not get loose. Also, check tire pressure and make sure it is just right. An overinflated tire can burst while driving, which is extremely dangerous.

Check the batteries

Camper batteries last 3-5 years, so make sure you get full use of them. Make sure the battery`s water levels are full, and it is fully charged. You do not want your battery dying during a trip!

Maintain the brakes!

Make sure the brakes on your camper are working at all times! You should also check the wheel bearings and ensure they are properly lubricated. In case your brakes are faulty, get a replacement ASAP.

What is the average life of a camper?

The life of a camper depends on many aspects, such as the type of camper, how often it is used and how you maintain it. However, on average, a camper should work for 10-20 years. Some campers may last longer if you maintain them well and keep replacing parts that are not working.

Additionally, a camper may last around 100,000 to 200,000 miles. And if your camper has hit a high mileage point, make sure to get it checked, serviced, and repaired.

Your camper roof may fall into disrepair around the 10-year mark. So make sure to either repair it or get it replaced to prevent leaks.

Therefore, while the average time is ten years, if you buy a good quality camper and maintain it well, it may last you longer!

Final Thoughts

The average camper will last you around ten years! However, it is important to maintain it for the sake of your own safety and to ensure it continues working!

You can do your best to increase the life of your camper by treating it carefully and scheduling frequent maintenance checks. It is also important for you to ensure that the brakes are properly working and the tires are functional. In case something is off, get it checked by a professional and get it fixed ASAP. Maintaining your camper will not only help increase its life but will also ensure the safety of you and your loved ones.