What Are Your Options if You Can’t Afford to Repair Your Car?

Dealing with car repairs can be stressful and frustrating, especially if you haven`t got enough money in your current account to cover the cost.  Many of us do, after all, live paycheck to paycheck and even something as simple as needing a new car battery could leave us without a car for weeks until we can afford one.  According to a survey by AAA, a car repair bill of $1000 would be unaffordable to one in eight Americans.  If you are one of these, try not to worry; there are options available to you.  We have described some of the most popular option on how to repair your car:

How to Repair Rust on a Car Without Welding 1

1. Inquire into Payment Plans

Not all mechanics will expect you to pay for the full cost of the repair upfront.  In fact, some of the bigger firms will be happy to discuss a payment plan with you, enabling you to pay for the cost of the repair over a number of weeks or months.  Even if your usual mechanic doesn`t openly offer this service, it`s still worth asking them if it`s something they`d be open to.  You may also be able to negotiate for cheaper parts in order to lower the cost.

2. Shop Around

Unless your car was towed to the closest garage, it`s a good idea to shop around and obtain quotes from the mechanics in your area.  You`d be surprised by how large the difference in charges is from one garage to another, and putting a bit of effort into obtaining quotes could see you saving a few hundred dollars on your repair bill.  Some mechanics will charge a set fee for the job, while others will charge by the hour.  Make sure that if it`s the latter, you get a time estimate as well.

3. Look into Credit

Most garages will accept credit cards as a form of payment, and these can be a good idea if you want to spread the cost of the repair over a few months.  Using an interest free credit card is the best option here if you have access to one.  Alternatively, if the repair bill is small and you know you`ll be able to afford it by the time your next paycheck comes around, you might want to consider taking out a payday loan.  Visit the Bonsai Finance website to find out how to do this.

4. Sell Some of Your Stuff

Finally, you might also want to look into selling some items that you don`t need in order to raise the cash for your car repair.  Maybe you have a collection of Funko Pops sitting on the shelf that you don`t need, or a record collection gathering dust.  Maybe you could sell your skills on a freelance basis to make some quick cash.  No matter what skills you have, or what items you have laying around that you don`t need, this can be one of the easiest ways to get the cash together.

Would you struggle if your car needed urgent repairs?  Let us know what you would do in the comments.